Kiosk check-in for Singapore Airlines flights

Kiosk check-in for Singapore Airlines flights

Kiosk Check-In is available in selected airports, unless:

  • Your passport or visa is not machine-readable
  • Your booking is not confirmed, or you’re on a waitlist
  • You or the passenger you’re checking in is an unaccompanied minor
  • You’ve booked an extra seat (for instance, for a musical instrument)
  • You have any special assistance (for instance, you’re travelling with a pet, you require medical assistance, or you’ve requested for the meet-and-assist service)

If you are departing from Singapore Changi Airport and have a confirmed flight booking, you may check-in at the kiosk up to 24 hours before your flight departs. If you would like to check-in earlier, you may proceed to the manned check-in counters at Terminal 2 and 3 during their operating hours.

Please note that kiosk check-in at Jewel Changi Airport Early Check-in Lounge closes 3 hours before your flight departs.

Steps for kiosk check-in


1. On the home screen, select ‘Singapore Airlines’.

2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions on carrying dangerous goods.

Terms and conditions on carrying dangerous goods
3. Retrieve your booking by either:
    • Scanning your passport
    • Scanning the barcode on your digital or mobile boarding pass
    • Entering your e-ticket number (10 digits, starting with 618)
    • Entering your Booking Reference (6 alphanumeric characters), if you’re checking in more than one passenger


options to retrieve your booking

4. Once your booking has been retrieved, place your passport, photo page face down, on the reader. Make sure to insert your passport into the reader completely.


place passport

5. To select or change your seat, tap Seat Map. Then complete your check-in by tapping Confirm Check-in.

Alternatively you may continue to check in the other passengers in your booking, up to a total of five passengers.                


Each passenger must hold a valid passport and/or visa to be allowed entry into each destination in your itinerary. Singapore Airlines will not be held responsible if you are denied entry by the local authorities.  

seat selection and confirm check-in

6. If you have bags to check in, tap Yes. If not, tap No, and your boarding pass will be printed right away.  


You should keep only the most recent copy of your boarding pass for each flight with you. Any older copies of your boarding pass should be deleted from your mobile device, disposed of or handed to any of our check-in agents to avoid any inconvenience at the airport. 

Baggage Check-in

7. Select the number of bags you’re checking in for each passenger in your booking. If you have more than three bags, tap the > sign to check in up to 10 bags. Tap View Allowance Details to see your total baggage allowance. 

Baggage Count

8. Your bag tags will then be printed, followed by your boarding passes. If there are any old bag tags on your luggage, remove them first. If you’re checking in more than one passenger, make sure that each bag is tagged to the correct passenger.  

Once you’ve tagged your bags, make your way to the bag drop counter. Have a great flight!

Printing of bag tags is not available at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Head to the check-in counter to get your bag tags and to drop off your bags.  

See how to tag your bags

how to tag your bag