Returning the Boeing 737-8 to the skies

Boeing has implemented a series of enhancements to address safety concerns around the B737-8, which has also been re-certified by regulators around the world including the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). 

At Singapore Airlines, the safety of customers and staff has always been our top priority. This page provides more details on the modifications to the 737-8.

Safer than ever before

After the 737-8 was grounded in March 2019, Boeing implemented software and design fixes to resolve the safety concerns. 

Pilots first, software second

Boeing has made changes to the flight control software such that pilots will always be able to override the software inputs—no exceptions. Additionally, the software will only be activated after taking into account data from both sensors on the 737-8.

Additional training for pilots

All 737-8 pilots have completed dedicated training on this aircraft and are undergoing additional training to familiarise themselves with the new enhancements from Boeing, the flight control software, as well as any situations that they might face during the flight.

Independently certified by safety regulators

Today's 737-8 has been independently certified fit to fly by aviation safety regulators around the world, including Singapore, the United States, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Ensuring that our 737-8s are fit to fly

Beyond Boeing’s enhancements to the aircraft, Singapore Airlines has taken great care to ensure that all our
737-8 aircraft are fit to fly through a safety-first approach for storage, pilot training, and testing.

Safety in storage

When the 737-8 was grounded worldwide in March 2019, we flew our aircraft to the Alice Springs plane storage facility in Australia where the dry climate helps to keep them in the best condition possible. In addition, we have taken great care to maintain the aircraft, including storing selected components in a controlled environment, regular inspections, and more.

Rigorous pilot training

Ever since SilkAir started flying the 737-8, our pilots have been training in a dedicated 737-8 simulator. This same commitment to training will remain as the 737-8 returns to the skies as part of the Singapore Airlines fleet. Every pilot must complete a comprehensive training programme, which includes computer-based learning as well as simulator training.

Thoroughly tested before the first flight

Before any customer boards Singapore Airlines 737-8, we will conduct a series of independent tests. These include ground tests by our engineers and operating test flights before commencing the first passenger flight. 
The Boeing 737-8 aircraft will progressively enter into service in the coming weeks. Further details on these flights will be announced in due time.

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