Suites and First Class – Book The Cook Menu from New York

Suites and First Class

Book the Cook menu from New York (John F. Kennedy)

Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu beef burger with apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, thousand island dressing and cheddar cheese. Served with country fries.

Maine Lobster

A classic French dish, where the lobster meat is cooked in a rich cream sauce enhanced with Cognac and mustard, herbs. The lobster is returned to the shell, topped off with grated cheese, and finished off to create an oven-browned cheese crust. Served with garlic confit potatoes and vegetable medley.

Pan Roasted Veal Chop

Black truffle butter, wild mushroom ragout with potato and lardon, vegetable medley and veal jus.

Cheese Ravioli

Broccolini florets, shimeji mushroom, toasted breadcrumbs, Calabrian chili and Pecorino Romano cream sauce.

Slow Roasted Beef Fillet

Slow roasted beef fillet with natural jus, pomme anna, celeriac, mushrooms, and carrots.

Grilled Shrimps and Scallops

Grilled shrimps and scallops in tarragon mustard sauce with leeks, carrots, and linguini.

Chicken Rice

Poached chicken, sliced and served on long-grain rice cooked in chicken broth. Accompanied by dark soya sauce and fresh chilli sauce.

Prawn-Pork Dumpling Noodle Soup

Egg noodles in rich broth garnished with prawn-pork dumplings and leafy greens.

Seafood Congee

Oriental breakfast, seabass, scallop & shrimp congee with Chinese Clueller, fried shallots & ginger.