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Covid-19: Advisory for customers travelling under the Reciprocal Green Lane arrangements

Singapore has established Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) travel arrangements with various countries and regions, including Brunei and Mainland China. RGL travel arrangements with Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea have been temporarily suspended.

All visitors entering Singapore under the RGL arrangements will require travel insurance with a minimum coverage of S$30,000 for their Covid-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs. The travel insurance may be purchased from Singapore-based or overseas insurers. Please click here for a list of available inbound travel insurance products. Passengers travelling from China may also consider purchasing Travel Guard by AIG which provides travellers with comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Please refer to our travel insurance page for more information.

Please note that travellers who do not adhere to the RGL requirements may be refused boarding.


Singapore and Brunei have a Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) arrangement to facilitate short-term essential business and official travel between the two countries. The RGL is only applicable for travel between airports in Singapore and Brunei which have available non-stop flight routes. 

For applicants travelling from Singapore to Brunei, the receiving enterprise or government agency in Brunei will need to apply for an Entry Travel Pass on their behalf to use the RGL.

For applicants travelling from Brunei to Singapore, the receiving enterprise or government agency in Singapore will need to apply for a SafeTravel Pass on their behalf to use the RGL. 

Details on the pre-departure health measures and the application process may be found here. 

Travellers will also need to bear the cost of post-arrival Covid-19 test(s) and stay in declared locations. 

Singapore has also permitted general travel from Brunei. Non-RGL travellers will need to apply for an Air Travel Pass to enter Singapore. This is a separate arrangement from the RGL with different requirements and processes. 

For more information on the Air Travel Pass, please click here. 

Mainland China

Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) arrangements have been established to facilitate essential business and official travel between Singapore and six provinces and municipalities in Mainland China (Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin and Zhejiang).

Customers travelling from Mainland China to Singapore

Customers travelling from the above-mentioned six Chinese provinces and municipalities to Singapore must be sponsored by either a Singapore-based company or a Singapore government agency, which will file an application on behalf of the traveller for a SafeTravel Pass from the Singapore authorities.

Approved SafeTravel Pass holders will be required to adhere to various pre-departure and post-arrival measures including having to undergo Covid-19 tests at their own cost. Passengers travelling from Mainland China (excluding Guangdong province) will be exempted from the 14-day quarantine but must remain isolated for one to two days in their declared accommodation to await the outcome of their test results. 

For passengers travelling from Guangdong province or with a travel history to Guangdong province in the last 21 days before flight departure, they will be required to serve a 7-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) at their place of residence, with a Covid-19 test administered before the end of the 7-day SHN.

All travellers who are travelling under the RGL arrangement, are required to take a Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours before departing from Mainland China and obtain a certificate with a negative result. The test must be taken at one of the medical institutions designated by the relevant Chinese authorities for pre-departure Covid-19 testing. For more information on the list of designated medical institutions, please refer here.

Customers travelling from Singapore to Mainland China 

Residents of Singapore seeking to travel to Mainland China for essential business or official travel via the RGL must obtain approval from the Chinese authorities through a sponsorship by either a company or a government agency in China, which will file an application on behalf of the applicant with the local provincial/ municipal authorities.

The application process, documents required and prevailing Covid-19 control measures may vary among the provinces and municipalities. Customers are encouraged to verify the latest requirements with the relevant authorities. More details here.

All passengers, including Chinese nationals and passengers travelling under the Singapore-China RGL arrangements, departing Singapore for Mainland China must undergo a nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test within 2 days before boarding. Details of the list of clinics where customers may undertake the tests may be found here. They must also apply for a green “HS” health code or a green health declaration code with the “HDC” mark from the Chinese embassy. For flights departing Singapore from 5 December 2020 and beyond, only IgM anti-body tests carried out using the venous blood method (not fingertip blood method) will be accepted for the approval of the green “HS” health code or the green “HDC” health declaration code. More details on the Chinese embassy’s requirements can be found here and the Chinese embassy's website.

Customers are encouraged to factor in the time needed for the application process when booking their flights.

For the latest Singapore Airlines flight schedules, please refer to this link.





从上述中国大陆六个省市出发前往新加坡的乘客,必须通过负责接待的新加坡政府机构或在新加坡的接待企业为其向新加坡监管部门申请“安心出行证”(SafeTravel Pass)。










First posted on 8 June 2020, 1845hrs (GMT +8)
Last updated 12 July 2021, 1800hrs (GMT+8)