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SIA Group transit flights through Singapore

Almost all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, will be allowed to transit through Singapore on all SIA flights as long as they meet the entry requirements of their final destination.

Please note that transit in Singapore to any destination in Mainland China is not allowed. Passengers originating from Mainland China will be allowed to transfer through Singapore Changi Airport en-route to their final destinations.

Travellers are not required to present a negative pre-departure test result to transit through Singapore. However, they may still be required to produce a valid negative Covid-19 test certificate if it is required for entry into their planned destination.

Singapore Airlines is committed to the well-being of our customers and has measures in place to ensure their health and safety throughout their journey.

Please visit our dedicated Information Centre.

First posted on 11 June 2020, 0800hrs (GMT+8)
Last updated on 12 July 2022, 0920hrs (GMT+8)