Singapore Airlines

Convert DBS points to KrisPay miles



You can now convert your DBS Points to miles instantly, anytime, anywhere, starting from as little as 100 DBS Points via the KrisPay app.


Simply tap on the DBS Rewards icon under the top up page in KrisPay and key in the amount of DBS Points you wish to convert to KrisPay miles*, after you log in to your DBS account.


The KrisPay miles converted can then be transferred to your KrisFlyer account^ (1 KrisPay mile = 1 KrisFlyer mile) or you can choose to keep them in your KrisPay wallet for future purchases.


*100 DBS Points = 170 KrisPay miles
There is no transaction fee for converting DBS Points to miles via the KrisPay app.


^KrisPay miles converted from partner reward points must be transferred in full to your KrisFlyer account within 7 days of accrual





More partners will be added progressively to offer you more ways to top up your KrisPay wallet.


Do ensure that your KrisPay app is updated via App Store or Google Play to the latest version to use this new feature.