Singapore Airlines

Terms and conditions for pre-purchased additional baggage allowance

  1. Passengers holding Singapore Airlines tickets as identified by the “618” prefix in the ticket number may pre-purchase additional baggage allowance for all flights operated by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, excluding codeshare flights operated by partner airlines.
  2. Additional baggage is confirmed only upon full payment of the additional baggage fees. An e-payment receipt will be issued for the payment. You should present this additional baggage e-payment receipt at the airport check-in counter on departure. The receipt will be available to print on on confirmation of purchase and will be sent by email to the address specified during the purchase process.
  3. For Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flight itineraries originating/commencing from India destinations, India GST (K3) tax will be applied on top of your pre-purchased additional baggage fees. The breakdown of the tax will be shown on the e-payment receipt.
  4. Pre-purchased additional baggage allowance is non-refundable, non-transferable and is for the selected flight only. Any flight changes would result in the pre-purchased additional baggage allowance to be cancelled. (Only India GST (K3) tax is refundable. Kindly contact your local contact centre for India GST (K3) tax refunds. Refer to point 3 above.)
  5. Each passenger is limited to one online purchase of additional baggage allowance.
  6. A discounted rate is applicable for online purchases of additional baggage allowance.
  7. For travel to destinations where the weight concept applies, passengers may pre-purchase additional weight allowances in units of 5 kg up to a maximum of 100 kg per flight.
  8. For travel to destinations where the piece concept applies, passengers may pre-purchase any combination of the following items: (i) a maximum of two (2) additional pieces on top of the free baggage allowance; (ii) additional weight allowance for one and/or both pieces of their free baggage allowance; and (iii) an oversize allowance for one and/or both pieces of their free baggage allowance.
  9. The discounted rate is only applicable for additional baggage purchased on Additional baggage purchased at the airport of departure or at any Singapore Airlines or SilkAir office will be charged at standard additional baggage rates.
  10. Additional baggage allowance may be pre-purchased up to forty-eight (48) hours prior to flight departure. It is only valid for the flight and date shown on the purchase receipt.
  11. Any additional excess baggage over the pre-purchased additional baggage amount will be charged at standard additional baggage rates upon presentation of baggage at the departure airport.
  12. Some airports allow only a maximum weight of 32kg per bag. Please refer to or other authoritative sources to ascertain if the airport you are departing from has baggage weight restrictions.
  13. No mileage points will be awarded for the amount paid for excess baggage allowance.
  14. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to revise its additional baggage rates, as well as the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of additional baggage allowance at any time with or without prior notice.
  15. All baggage carried is subject to Singapore Airlines’ General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage.