Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your travel insurance basics

Who can purchase Allianz Travel insurance through Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines Passengers who legally reside in Hong Kong and whom trip start from Hong Kong. The age of passenger(s) should be between 60 days and 75 years old (both dates inclusive) at the time of departure.


For more information, please refer to the Policy Wording.

How can I apply for Allianz Travel insurance through Singapore Airlines?

Allianz Travel Insurance can be added to your itinerary when making your flight booking on Alternatively, you may purchase Allianz Travel Insurance via Manage Booking on

Can I purchase Allianz Travel Insurance through Singapore Airlines if I’m travelling One Way?

Yes, if Your Policy was purchased with a one-way booking, your coverage end date will be the Policy Expiry Date (or return to Hong Kong, whichever is earlier).

I am travelling to multiple destination on Singapore Airlines, will I be able to purchase Allianz Travel Insurance?

Yes, you will be able to purchase Allianz Travel Insurance through Singapore Airlines. We will use the furthest destination as the final premium for your itinerary.

Your travel insurance benefits

When does my travel coverage begin and end?

You are only eligible for coverage if we accept your request for insurance. Your policy’s coverage effective date and policy expiry date (or return to Hong Kong, whichever is earlier) are indicated in your certificate of insurance.
Coverage is only provided for losses that occur while your policy is in effect. 

Except for one-way and same-day return trips, the departure date and return date that you provided at time of purchase are counted as two separate days of travel when we calculate the duration of your trip

Your policy ends on the coverage end date listed in your certificate of insurance. However, there are situations where your policy may end on a different date. If your policy was purchased with a one-way booking, your coverage end date will be the policy expiry date (or return to Hong Kong, whichever is earlier).

However, if your return travel is delayed due to a covered reason, we will automatically extend this policy for a maximum ten (10) consecutive days without charge for such an extended period as is reasonably necessary for completion of the Insured Person’s Journey. 

This policy applies for a specific trip and cannot be renewed.

Can I continue my medical treatment after I return to Hong Kong?

Yes, in the event that you require follow-up medical treatment for the related Injury or Sickness sustained overseas, then you are eligible for the “follow-up medical expenses” subjected to the policy conditions. 

Can I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight booking for any reason and get a full refund of my air fare because of the Trip Cancellation Benefit in my policy?

The Cancellation of Journey and Curtailment of Journey in your policy only cover the non-refundable portion of your air fare and other trip have to if you have to cancel, postpone or cut short your trip due to covered reasons. This includes serious sickness or death in your family that would prohibit you from continuing with your trip. Pre-existing medical conditions of family members are not covered. 

To learn more about this benefit, please refer to the Policy Wording.

Where can I get the full Policy Wording of Allianz Travel Insurance Policy?

You may refer to the Policy Wording here for the terms and conditions.

Your Covid-19 coverage


Allianz Travel Insurance does cover certain situations pertaining to Covid-19. Full terms and conditions and exclusions can be found in the Policy Wording. 

What are the key benefits for Covid-19 coverage under Allianz Travel Insurance?

Key benefits for Covid-19 coverage are:

  • Up to HKD 1,500,000 / up to HKD 1,800,000 for Krisflyer member for Medical Expenses; if diagnosed positive with COVID-19 overseas  
  • Up to HKD 20,000 / Up to HKD 40,000 for Krisflyer member, for Trip Cancellation 
  • Up to HKD 20,000 / Up to 40,000 for Krisflyer member for Trip Curtailment Coverage
If a passenger is quarantined upon return to Hong Kong, is he/she covered?

No, the policy does not cover quarantine in Hong Kong.

If a passenger tests positive for Covid-19 after arriving back in Hong Kong, is he/she covered for medical expenses in Hong Kong?

No. Allianz Travel Insurance will cover the necessary and reasonable medical costs incurred during the overseas trip, as a result of the passenger contracting Covid-19 during the overseas trip. 

The following conditions apply:  

  • Coverage applies when the Insured Person is being diagnosed with the Covid-19 overseas. This cover ceases on the day on which Qualified Medical Practitioner considers that it is possible for Insured Person to be released from medical care or to be discharged from Confinement (whichever is earlier). The Insured Person must not have travelled against the advice from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any local authority at Journey destination.
  • Does not cover for Covid-19 testing expenses unless the Insured Person is diagnosed with Covid-19.

After purchasing your policy

What should I do if I did not receive my Insurance Confirmation in my inbox?

If you would still like to receive a copy of your Insurance Confirmation for your records, please email us at with your request including your Full Name, Date of Purchase, Confirmation Number (if available), Travel Dates and Email Address. 

I have updated my Singapore Airlines flight booking. How can I change the details of my Allianz Travel Insurance policy?

If you wish to make changes to your policy, please email us at .

Please note that changes to your policy will only be entertained if there were changes made to your Singapore Airlines flight booking.

Can I cancel my Allianz Travel Insurance policy and receive a refund?

Under normal circumstances, your policy cannot be cancelled after it has been issued. For further details, please contact us via email at

Let us take care of you

What should I do if I fall sick or encounter an accident abroad?

Please contact Allianz 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline at +852 2193 5875 if you need medical assistance while travelling. This service is provided by Allianz Travel. 
Please retain the original copies of your receipts to ensure a smoother claim process.

How do I file for a claim?

Claims may be submitted online at Please retain the original copies of your receipts to ensure a smoother claim process.

Is there a cut off time for filing my claims?

Yes, you have to notify us of your claim no later than 30 days after the occurrence of the claimable event.

How long does it take to process my claims?

As a Singapore Airlines customer, your claim will be processed as a priority. Upon receiving all required supporting documents online, it takes around 10 working days to get process your claim payment if your claim is approved.

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Travel insurance

This Travel Insurance is for Hong Kong residents only with journey starting from Hong Kong. It is underwritten by Liberty International Insurance Limited ("Liberty"), an insurer authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong, and with Allianz Travel, a trading name of Allianz Worldwide Partners (Hong Kong) Limited as the administrator of the insurance policy. Singapore Airlines is an insurance agent appointed by Liberty Insurance.