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Business Class

Book the Cook menu from Singapore - Due to operational constraints arising from COVID-19, we have revised our Book the Cook menu. We apologise if the dish you would like to order may not be available during this time.


Grilled Angus Beef Burger

Grilled Angus beef burger with portobello mushroom, onion jam, cheese and tomatoes

(Only available on flights with flight time above 3.5 hours)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce

Served with assorted vegetables and truffle mashed potatoes.

Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast

Oven-roasted corn fed chicken breast, tarragon jus and creamy polenta, served with seasonal vegetables.

Warm Waffle with Strawberry Coulis

Warm waffle with strawberry coulis, fresh berries and mascarpone cheese

(only available on flights with flight time above 3.5 hours)


Bak Chor Mee SoupEgg noodles in pork broth, garnished with sliced and minced pork, pork ball, braised mushroom, lettuce, fried pork lard and dried sole. Served with sliced red chilli

(Only available on flights with flight time above 4 hours)
Bak Chor Mee Dry StyleThin noodles with seasoned vinegar sauce, garnished with sliced and minced pork, pork ball, braised mushroom, fried pork lard and dried sole.  Served with chilli sauce and additional black vinegar on the side

(Only available on flights with flight time above 3.5 hours)
Singapore Laksa

Rice noodles in a rich, coconut cream seafood gravy with prawns, fish cake, deep-fried beancurd and bean sprouts

(Only available on flights with flight time above 4 hours)

Singaporean Style Chicken Satay

Marinated, skewered and grilled chicken slices. Served with cucumber, ketupat rice cakes and spicy peanut sauce.


Beef Rendang

Tender beef cooked in coconut milk, spices and lemongrass, and served with turmeric rice

Nasi Lemak

Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, accompanied by spicy sambal prawns, fried chicken, fried anchovies with peanuts, an omelette wedge, and grilled fish cakes (otah)

(inclusive of Breakfast service)


Nasi Biryani

An Indian specialty, fragrant Basmati rice, cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, tomatoes, saffron and milk, is served with tender chicken simmered in gravy (inclusive of Breakfast service)