Implementation of 2FA

To enhance security and safeguard KrisFlyer accounts, two-factor authentication (2FA) has been implemented on 29 June 2018. Download the following guide for more details.



Q1. What is 2FA?
Two-factor authentication is an additional measure introduced to enhance the security of your KrisFlyer account. A time-sensitive randomly generated password, also known as a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to you, for identified KrisFlyer transactions (e.g. when you access your KrisFlyer profile or make changes to your redemption group nominees). As a default, the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to validate your identity. Should a mobile number not be available, the OTP will be sent to your registered email address.
As such please ensure that the mobile number and email address indicated in your KrisFlyer profile belongs to you, is up-to-date, and actively used.


Q2. Why did Singapore Airlines introduce 2FA?
Singapore Airlines is committed to providing our customers with a high level of online security. 2FA has been introduced as part of KrisFlyer’s ongoing efforts to enhance online security for the benefit of our members. 2FA relies on:

a. Information you know (that is your KrisFlyer membership no. and Password)
b. Information SIA provides to you (One-time Password)


Q3. When will 2FA be used?
2FA will be required when you perform identified KrisFlyer transactions online. These include:

a. Accessing and editing your KrisFlyer Profile
b. Adding redemption group nominees in the booking flow
c. Adding/linking new redemption partners to convert miles to other loyalty programs (PAssion, Shangri-La, Velocity)
d. Resetting your password under “Need Help Logging In” in the KrisFlyer account login widget
e. Conversion of KrisFlyer miles to partner points (namely Passion, Shangri La, Velocity)
f. Donation of KrisFlyer miles
g. Accessing, and when you are logged in to KrisFlyer account


Q4. How do I update my contact details?
You can follow these steps to update your contact details:

1) Log in to your KrisFlyer account
2) Click on the “Profile” tab*
3) Click on the “Edit” button beside “Personal Details”
4) Your mobile number and email address can be edited under the “Contact Details” section
5) Click “Save”

*Please note that you will be prompted for 2FA under step 2 with effect from 29 June 2018.


Mobile number should be updated using international format. Examples shown as per table below. Members should omit the extra 0 used when making local in country calls when applicable.


 Country CodeArea CodePhone Number
Country Code
Area Code
Not required
Phone Number
8 digits
Country Code
Area Code
Not required
Phone Number
10 digits
Country Code
Area Code
Not required
Phone Number
9 to 11 digits
Country Code
Area Code
Not required
Phone Number
9 digits
United States
Country Code
Area Code
3 digits
(eg. 415 or 628 for San Francisco)
Phone Number
7 digits
United Kingdom
Country Code
Area Code
Phone Number
9 digits


Q5: What should I do if my mobile number and/or email address are not updated after 2FA implementation?
If your mobile number is not updated, request to receive your OTP via email in order to access your KrisFlyer profile to make the change.

If both your mobile number and email address are not updated, contact KrisFlyer Membership Services to update your contact details.


Q6: Can I use or share a common mobile number or email address to receive the OTP?
We strongly encourage you to maintain individual mobile number and unique email address for your KrisFlyer account since key notifications and sensitive information pertaining to your account are sent to the mobile number and/or email address recorded in your KrisFlyer profile.


Q7. Must I provide my mobile number? Is email address sufficient? What if I don’t have a mobile number?
Mobile number is mandatory for your KrisFlyer account as it is a more secure platform to receive the OTP. In scenarios where you are unable to access your mobile phone or receive OTP by SMS, you may request to receive the OTP via your email.

If you do not have a mobile number in your profile when 2FA is rolled out, you will be allowed to receive your OTP via email to update your mobile number before you log out.


Q8: Will my KrisFlyer account be locked if I enter the OTP wrongly?
No, your KrisFlyer account will not be locked. However, you will not be able to perform certain transactions. KrisFlyer accounts will be locked at login only if the wrong KrisFlyer account number and/or PIN is entered after consecutive tries.


Q9: Can I use the OTP service overseas?
As the OTP is always sent as a default to your mobile number saved in your KrisFlyer profile, the foreign country would need to support GSM network and SMS. Please contact your mobile service operator for further details on receiving SMS sent from Singapore whilst overseas.  


Q10: What if my overseas mobile service operator or the country I am in does not support GSM network or SMS technology?  What happens if I’m overseas with no access to data roaming?
If you are travelling, you are encouraged to make all your KrisFlyer transactions before leaving. In scenarios where you are unable to access your mobile phone or receive OTP via SMS or experience a lag in receiving SMS, kindly request to receive the OTP via your email address indicated in your KrisFlyer profile.


Q11: How long do I have to wait before an OTP is sent to me?
OTP is sent to your mobile number instantly and is normally received within seconds. In cases where you are experiencing weak mobile connection, there might be a short delay. 


Q12: I requested for OTP by SMS but did not receive it. What should I do?
If you did not receive your OTP within 2 minutes, select “Resend OTP” to request a new OTP. Note that there may be a lag time in receiving OTP via SMS if there’s a weak mobile connection.
Alternatively, you can request for OTP to be sent to your email address. Please verify that the mobile number in your KrisFlyer profile is updated.


Q13: I did not receive my OTP after multiple resends despite having the correct mobile number and email address in my records. What should I do?
There may be a lag time in receiving OTP via SMS if there’s a weak mobile connection. If you requested for OTP via email, check the spam folder in your email account for the OTP email.

For urgent requests pertaining to upcoming flights, please approach KrisFlyer Membership Services who will assist with your flights. Please verify the mobile number and email address saved in your KrisFlyer profile with KrisFlyer Membership Services. Otherwise, kindly try again later.


Q14: I received an OTP but did not request for it.
Please contact KrisFlyer Membership Services for assistance.


Q15: The system indicates the OTP has expired. What should I do?
Select “Resend OTP” to request for a new OTP. Ensure that you enter the latest OTP sent to you within 3 minutes before it expires.


Q16: What happens if the OTP I entered is incorrect? 
Verify that you have entered the correct OTP sent to you via SMS or email.
You will only be required to enter the 6 digits of the OTP, without the 4 alpha prefix. Please check that the 4 alpha prefix in the OTP sent to you corresponds with the one shown in the 2FA OTP prompt window (e.g.orks).

If your OTP is still incorrect after several tries, select “Resend OTP” to generate a new OTP.



Q17: Is the OTP service chargeable?
This service is currently offered free of charge but you may incur standard SMS charges from your mobile operators for receiving SMS.


Q18: I do not see the 2FA screen to enter my OTP despite receiving the OTP SMS/email. What should I do?
Please clear the browser cache and try again.