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Please find all the benefits of HighFlyer programme here.

The HighFlyer business travel programme is meant for registered businesses of all sizes and consists of four tiers: HighFlyer, HighFlyer Silver, HighFlyer Gold, HighFlyer Platinum.

Businesses that engage travel management companies or travel agents to book their corporate flights can sign up without changing their existing arrangements. Simply send us their contact details after your successful enrolment into the programme, and we will notify them of the next steps when making your HighFlyer booking.

Travel agencies can sign up for HighFlyer only if they intend to book flights for their own corporate travel, and not on behalf of their clients.

Yes, HighFlyer members in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers will enjoy discounted corporate fares. The higher your membership tier, the lower your fares will be.

Please find the requirements for HighFlyer Silver and HighFlyer Gold here. HighFlyer Platinum is by invitation only.

Please register for the programme and a member of our staff will evaluate your company's eligibility prior to discussing the upfront discounts we will be able to offer.

After your enrolment into the programme, a member of our staff will explain the HighFlyer milestone reward benefits to you as part of the contracting process.

HighFlyer Platinum is by invitation only. Please register for the programme and a member of our staff will evaluate your company’s eligibility to be offered HighFlyer Platinum.

No action is required from you. You will be automatically eligible for all of the new benefits and rewards under the entry HighFlyer tier. You may continue to use your existing credentials to access your HighFlyer account.

Singapore Airlines will continue to uphold the benefits offered under your current agreement as a CTP member until its expiry.

Prior to the expiry of your CTP contract, we will reach out to move you into HighFlyer, where you will continue to enjoy upfront discounts and additional HighFlyer programme benefits such as points accrual and redemption, and milestone rewards.

No. The company may only register for the Singapore Airlines HighFlyer via the online registration form.

You will be notified by email upon successful enrolment into HighFlyer.

The Corporate Travel Manager can add Corporate Travellers under the “Travellers” tab in the account dashboard.

HighFlyer has a maximum number of 30 Corporate Travellers. This limitation does not apply to HighFlyer Silver and above.

Every new HighFlyer account is given 1 month to populate the initial list of Corporate Travellers. Thereafter, the Corporate Travel Manager can only make up to 5 changes every month. These 5 changes only apply to the addition and deletion of Corporate Travellers from the list, excluding changes to details of registered Corporate Travellers.

These limitations do not apply to HighFlyer Silver and above. 

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