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Earning and redeeming KrisFlyer miles

You can earn KrisFlyer miles on most booking classes on Singapore Airlines flights.

KrisFlyer miles are awarded for travel in the Singapore Airlines Suites, First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class and in their corresponding booking classes as follows:

Accrual levels for flights on Singapore Airlines
Cabin Class Booking Class Fare Accrual level (of actual miles travelled)
Cabin Class
Suites / First Class
Booking Class Fare
A, F
Accrual level (of actual miles travelled)
Cabin Class
Business Class
Booking Class Fare
Z, C, J
D, U
Accrual level (of actual miles travelled)
Cabin Class
Premium Economy Class
Booking Class Fare
S, T
R, L, P
Accrual level (of actual miles travelled)
Cabin Class
Economy Class
Booking Class Fare
B, E, Y,
M, H, W
Q, N, V, K, G
Accrual level (of actual miles travelled)

Before you make a booking, please check with your travel agent, local Singapore Airlines office or the operating partner airline to find out the number of KrisFlyer miles you’ll earn on your flight.

Miles expiring between January and June 2023 will be automatically extended at the end of the expiry month, for six months. The new miles expiry date will only be reflected the month after the extension.


Learn more about our latest Covid-19 support measures for PPS Club and KrisFlyer members.

Yes, you can earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles on partner airlines. Please click on the respective links for more information:

No, you won’t earn KrisFlyer miles when you redeem them for an award ticket.

No, you won’t earn KrisFlyer miles on your redemption upgrade. However, you will continue to earn KrisFlyer miles on your original booking class.

Yes, children aged two years or more will earn the same number of KrisFlyer miles as adults in the same booking class.

An infant or child nominee requires the same number of KrisFlyer miles as you for travel awards on airline partners. Redemption of miles for your infant can only be done via KrisFlyer Membership Services.

No. If you’re the principal credit/charge cardholder, the credit/charge card points you convert to KrisFlyer miles can only be credited to your own KrisFlyer or PPS Club account.

No, as our earning and redemption processes are designed to maximize the benefits for individual travelers.

Remember to quote your KrisFlyer or PPS Club membership number when you make a booking and present your KrisFlyer or PPS Club membership card at check-in or when you use the services of our partners. Sometimes, certain partners may have additional requirements – for instance, to quote a promotional code – so please check with them before you book.

When you use the services of our partners, they’ll need to verify your transaction and membership status before crediting your miles. You’ll normally see them between two and four weeks after your flight. Or six to eight weeks after you use the services of our non-airline partner. However, if it’s been more than eight weeks and they’re still not there, let us know.


Log in and download a Claim Missing Miles form if you’ve flown or used the services of one of our partners. You can find the form under the ‘Claim missing miles’ tab, under ‘Miles’. Just:


  • Log in and click on Miles, then Claim Missing Miles.
  • Download the Claim Missing Miles form under Make a claim
  • For Airline Partners, KrisFlyer members can also make a claim online. Simply select 'Other Airlines' and provide the details of your flight(s).


Alternatively, if you've flown on Singapore Airlines, or one of our partners within the last six months, simply complete the online form.

Yes, as long as you’d taken those flights up to six months before the date of your enrolment. Log in to your KrisFlyer account and provide your full name, flight numbers and destinations.

Yes, they can be refunded if your miles and award tickets/upgrades are still valid at the point of refund. The award tickets/upgrades must also be fully unused. Airport taxes will be refunded to your credit/debit card or by cheque.


A service fee will be charged for redepositing your KrisFlyer miles. In addition, there will be a no-show fee if you did not show up for your flight. Click here to find out more about the service fees.

The miles will be re-deposited to your KrisFlyer account immediately after completion of the refund request, while refund of airport taxes may take up to 6 weeks, depending on your bank’s processing time.

Anyone at all. You can nominate up to five individuals (but not a corporation or legal entity) as your redemption nominees – which means that you can redeem your KrisFlyer miles for award tickets or flight upgrades for them, and/or pay for their tickets on Singapore Airlines with your KrisFlyer miles when you book online.


Once you add someone, you can’t change them for six months. And while adding someone is free, deleting them will cost you miles or money:


Membership tier Online Offline
KrisFlyer 3,000 KrisFlyer miles / US$30 5,500 KrisFlyer miles / US$55
KrisFlyer Elite Silver 1,500 KrisFlyer miles / US$15 4,000 KrisFlyer miles / US$40
KrisFlyer Elite Gold Free 2,500 KrisFlyer miles/ US$25
PPS Club and Solitaire PPS Club Free Free


If your redemption nominee is a child or an infant, he/she will still require the same number of KrisFlyer miles for redemption.


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