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Da Nang
Southeast Asia

Da Nang, Vietnam

What people want when they come to Vietnam is adventure – and Danang delivers on all fronts. It has jungle temples, awe-inspiring marble, and limestone hills; caves that beg to be explored; curving, hidden beaches that some would argue are the best in the country; and the frenetic, motorbike-engine hum of a city that is a non-stop caper in itself.

But Danang is changing at a rapid pace. Pinned on the map midway down Vietnam’s South China Sea coast, the country’s third city is quickly moving out from the shadows cast by Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. In 2014, it hit more than one million residents and the number is still counting. High-rises and modern apartment blocks now pop up at a frantic speed and the ever-popular China Beach is quickly being swallowed by rampant hotel construction. And it is this frenetic pace that makes this city so exciting.

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What to do in Da Nang - Find your favourite stretch of China Beach  

Find your favourite stretch of China Beach


Ride the longest and highest cable car in the world

Pegged from near sea level to the top of the Ba Na Hill station, this non-stop single-track cable car is nearly 6km long and takes...

What to do in Da Nang - Marvel at the Marble Mountains  

Marvel at the Marble Mountains


Ogle at Cham artefacts

Prepare to be wowed. The fabulous Museum of Cham Artefacts, founded in 1915, houses the largest collection of Cham-era artworks in...

What to do Da Nang - Learn about a new religion  

Learn about a new religion


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