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Milan, Italy

It is nicknamed the Fashion Capital of the World, and the name fits. The ever-glamorous city hosts Fashion Week every autumn and spring, and is home to numerous fashion designers, including Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace, with more boutiques than you could fit into a year-long shopping spree. It is not just Milan's fashion scene that is on-trend. The city boasts some of the most exciting state-of-the-art hotels in Europe, and restaurants too, with chefs pushing culinary boundaries and Michelin stars popping up like they're going out of fashion (excuse the pun). While this is very much a forward-thinking city, Milan has not lost its roots however; everywhere you look is evidence of its rich past, from its soaring cathedrals (the gothic Duomo is one of the city's grandest spectacles) to its ancient piazzas and palaces. Which Milan will you discover?

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  • LanguagesEnglish, Italian
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