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Xiamen, China

This Chinese city in Fujian Province has constantly been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in China primarily for its tropical climate, clean streets and excellent infrastructure. Xiamen – which was among the handful of Chinese cities that were selected to become Special Economic Zones in the 1980s – has the same sort of energy you would expect from the mega cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it has the luxury of having cleaner air, more spacious roads, and friendlier residents.

Xiamen's abundance of scenic attractions make it a popular travel destination for domestic and international travellers. The city's key tourist magnet is Gulangyu Island – a 20-minute ferry ride away – where travellers can find charming colonial houses from the time when it became a treaty port following the British victory in the First Opium War.

Being a coastal city, the seafood in Xiamen is naturally affordable, and the freshness of the produce certainly shines through when prepared using the provinces preferred method of cooking – braising and steaming. Xiamen is also known for having a vibrant street food scene similar to that of Taiwan, and foodies can find anything from shaved ice desserts to rice dumplings to peanut soups and oyster omelettes in the city.

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Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Restaurant

Have a bowl of sweet peanut soup at the city's most famous shop – Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Restaurant.


Hulishan Fortress



Get your adrenaline pumping with a kite surfing session at one of the city's beaches.

What to do in Xiamen - Gulangyu Island  

Gulangyu Island


Xiamen Piano Museum

Visit the Xiamen Piano Museum which has a stunning collection of antique pianos from around the world. The admission ticket also a...


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