Singapore Airlines

Help and FAQs

Inflight connectivity

The WiFi service can only operate when the aircraft is at cruising altitude and flying over authorised countries or international waters. Our service providers are working to obtain authorisations from the areas where there isn’t service coverage right now.


For information on where our Wi-Fi service is currently available, access the KrisWorld magazine via Digital Content Portal on your personal device.

You can use your phone on the mobile network service any time that the ‘Switch off phone’ cabin signs are not illuminated. When the signs are illuminated, your mobile phone must be switched off or set to ‘Flight mode’.

To use this service, your mobile phone must be compatible with GSM1800 and the roaming function must be enabled on your device. In addition, your mobile service provider must have a roaming agreement with our connectivity service provider, OnAir or Panasonic/Aeromobile.

No, voice calls are not supported and this includes voice calls using internet protocol such as WhatsApp call, Messenger call, etc.

For a safe browsing experience, customers are advised to use HTTPS secured websites, and to be aware of any browser warnings or phishing links.


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