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Earning and redeeming KrisFlyer miles

You can redeem your miles for hotel stays and car rentals on in 3 simple steps:

1. Log in to your KrisFlyer account on

2. Browse for your preferred hotel stay or car rental, and make the booking.

3. Select ‘Redeem with KrisFlyer miles’ at the payment page and choose the number of KrisFlyer miles you would like to use. Pay for the rest of your purchase with your credit / debit card.

Alternatively, if you are already logged in to your KrisFlyer account on, you can go to Miles > How to Use (KrisFlyer vRooms) to be directed straight to

A minimum of 1,500 KrisFlyer miles is required per transaction.

The slider is for a fixed number of miles. Member will not be able to key in their preferred number of miles to use. A suggested number of miles and cash will be given.

The cash to miles conversion rate is not fixed, and differs by hotel or car rental.

KrisFlyer miles can be redeemed for the full value of the booking on

You may mix miles and cash to pay for your hotel stay or car rental on, or redeem for the booking in full.

KrisFlyer miles will not be earned for any bookings on

Redemption with KrisFlyer miles for hotel stays or car rentals is only available online at This facility is not available at KrisFlyer Membership Services or KrisFlyer vRooms Hotline or Singapore Airlines offices.

Only cancellations are allowed and they can be made via, subject to the terms and conditions of the booking. KrisFlyer members may refer to the cancellation section for further details.

Booking cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of the booking. KrisFlyer members will need to allow 6 to 8 weeks for the refund of KrisFlyer miles, if applicable. KrisFlyer miles that have expired before the cancellation will not be refunded.

Cash payments will be refunded by KrisFlyer vRooms the next day after cancellation but may take 7-10 business days for additional bank processing time. Any cancellation fees imposed will be charged in the same proportion as the miles and cash used for payment of the booking respectively.

For example, if a member had paid for a booking using 50% cash and 50% miles, the cancellation fees will be charged as 50% cash and 50% miles as well.

The Cancellation Policy differs by hotel and car rental suppliers. Please refer to the cancellation policy of the booking.

The available KrisFlyer miles balance (as well as other KrisFlyer information) reflected on is as at the time of login. Please log in to your KrisFlyer account on to check your latest miles balance.

Please log in to your KrisFlyer account on to check your latest miles balance after your purchase. The KrisFlyer vRooms transaction will be reflected in your recent activities.

Please contact KrisFlyer Membership Services for queries relating to the usage of KrisFlyer miles. For KrisFlyer vRooms related enquiries, please contact KrisFlyer vRooms Support Team. For enquiries related to a specific booking, please refer to the contact details at the bottom of your confirmation email.

For issues with KrisFlyer log-in, please contact KrisFlyer Membership Services. For system issues that occur on, please contact KrisFlyer vRooms Support Team.

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